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of money for the possibility of the red sox clinching at home for the first time in 95 years. details on how much coming up on this wednesday edition of "way too early". good morning, everybody. october 30th, day before halloween. speaking of the sox, we'll have pretty cool facts about what was happening 95 years ago. and then in the cooler, we will hop or the jonas brothers as only "way too early" can. but we begin with the affordable care agent. later take, hhs secretary kathleen sebelius will testify on capitol hill. she's expected to blame contractors for the troubles with saying they did did not meet expectations. however, late last night, darrell issa released documents showing one of the primary obama
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care contractors warned the government agency there was not enough time to adequately test the website. yesterday marilyn tavenner testified and several republican lawmakers expressed concern for existing policyholders who are losing their health care coverage. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. we know how desperately you need affordable coverage. i want to assure that you can and will be fixed and we are working around the clock to deliver the shopping experience that you tee serve. >> based on what little information the admin station has disclosed, it ourns out that more people have received cancelation notices for their health care plans this month than have enrolled in the exchan exchanges. >> my constituents are frightened. they are being forced out of the health care plan that they like. the clock is ticking on the website that is broken.
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their health care isn't a glitch. >> president obama will be in boston, massachusetts today to speak about the affordable care act. reportedly he'll use the massachusetts health care law as an example of how obama care can succeed. if recent revelations about the extent of the nsa spying abroad were meant to shame the country, it didn't work. director of national intelligence james clapper saying the u.s. had spied on foreign leaders for years. he says those countries have returned the favor drawing a cinematic comparison. >> do you believe the allies have conducted or at anytime any type of espionage activity against the united states of america our intel against services or others? >> absolutely. it reminds me of casablanca. my god, there is gambling going on here? same kind of thing. >> on what ground?
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>> i'm shocked to find gambling is going on in here. >> your winnings, sir. >> thank you very much. everybody out. >> a great scene. without giving specifics, clapper suggested the overseas operations shouldn't have come as a surprise to the white house. meanwhile, nsa director keith alexander flatly denied reports that the u.s. had collected data from millions of phone calls in france and spain. he says the information was not taken from citizens but from europe's own foreign service agencies to be used in support of military operations. the "wall street journal" reports this morning that the g data was furnished by european intelligence services and not collected by the nsa. the revolution puts european leaders who have cried foul in a pretty precarious spot. meanwhile president obama reportedly ordering the nsa to stop eavesdropping at the united nations in new york. imframigration reform once again back in focus on capitol
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hill. more than 600 political business and religious leaders met with house republicans yesterday where they urged lawmakers to pass an immigration overhaul by the end of the year. the chamber of commerce helped put the meeting together. legislation from the house democrats has attracted at least two republican co-sponsors. that proposal would provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and increase border security. meanwhile senator marco rubio facing criticism after saying he'd support a republican effort in the house to consider a piece meal approach instead of the sweeping senate bill that he worked on. republican senator john mccain who also worked on the senate bill says he's optimistic house republicans will act, but only after next year's primaries. the heated u.s. senate primary in wyoming between mike enzi and liz chain any tu chene to a game of to tell the truth.
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here's what the former vice president said. >> mike also said he and i are fishing buddies. not true. never happened. >> but the shore pushing baenat of telling fish tales. the senator said i anchored the one fly fishing contest with him one time and i was asked to speak at his induction in the fly fishing hall of fame. and we've talked about fishing when we've been together. surprising thing to me is that there is a fly fishing hall of fame. emzi is trailing cheney when it comes to fund-raising. s&p 500 on track for its best month in two years. all three posting fwans fgains day. steve sedgwick live for us in london. i worked at cnbc for six years. i remember '07, we hit these new highs. doesn't seem like we're getting
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this sort of enthusiasm for it. so what's the feeling like and why? >> i'll tell you one reason why. because too many people haven't been invested in this rightly. we've had 24% to the up side on the s&p so far this year and they're thinking i'm worried, i better own some of it or my investors will say why did i miss out. but as you say, the enthusiasm is tempered. for instance only 52.5% of companies reporting in this earnings season are actually beating expectations on revenue. on revenue itself, sales only about half are beating expectations. so the numbers in sales are pretty average. data is not that great. but everyone is thinking no tapering and so moving to the the up side. >> what about s.a.c. settlement? >> right. this investigation has been going on pretty much the whole time you were at cnbc almost. the best part of seven years
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under some form of investigation. according to reuters, the wall street journal saying we could be close to a settlement, it could be around about a billion dollars forfeiting future profits, and some admission of guilt from steven cohen's group, as well. various other reports say he's been lessening on some of his own private assets to get ready for the settlement. >> going back to the consensus here in the states was the auto bailout was a wild success, but it terms out the government losing a lot of money over the fwch gm bailout. >> they bought 61% of general motors. according to the latest quarterly report, $9.7 billion loss has been booked so far and they only have about 7.3% left which is equivalent to $101.3 million shares left. coincidently, the company is due to report numbers. europe once again, that's where we're looking because they have
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had loss after loss. >> i guess they can hold on to the shares for a longer period of time, but no one seems to want it. steve, thank you very much. moving on to other news, growing claims of racial profiling at new york city retailers have prompted the state's attorney general to demand the sotores hand over shp and frisk policies. a number of african-american customers say they have been stopped and questioned at macy's and barney's. among them, actor rob brown who is suing. he told the daily news he was detained in june after he bought a watch for his mom. after investigating macy's says it determined the nypd stopped him and nypd says they were acting on information from store security. this is an awesome story. pope francis, the main attraction at the vatican as he always is, but there was a little boy who actually stole
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the show. the young child basically just wandered on the stage as the pope was speaking to a group of families. watch what happened. the cardinals tried to get him off the stage, but he decided not to and he went up and gives him a hug on his leg and the pope just in a comfortable friendly way puts his happened on his head. now, you want to see another adorable moment, what does he do some it shows the boy sat in the pope's seat. taking a little breather. a lifetime memory that he will one day be embarrassed about i'm sure at a christmas dinner. but the pope handled it amazingly well. still ahead, the red sox have been riding david ortiz throughout the playoffs, but can the cards find a way to avoid the slugger and force game seven. and jonas brothers fans and anyone following pop culture are mourning the news that the jonas brothers are breaking up. a special "way too early"
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tribute and a check on weather coming up next. there has been extensive flooding and considerable beach erosion along cape cod, hurricane force winds at 80 miles per hour and extraordinary rough seas of 20 feet out in the open ocean, we've had reports of seas of 50 to 70 feet. ♪
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pittsburgh. john lackey will start for boston. he's been in this position before. he started game accept of the wor seven of the world series back in 2002 it and he won it. lackey will have to contend with the hot bat of the matt hollid y holliday. ortiz is batting .733. another stat to keep in mind, cardinals have to win game six and seven on the road to win the world series. last team to do that, the piratpirate pirates in 1979. all right, mike. prediction. >> i don't have one. >> bologna. what is this? >> i said red sox in six. i'm sticking with that.
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>> so you're predicting red sox will win today. >> i'm predicting he'll cry if they win. >> he doesn't cry. they just punch somebody. he's from south boston. >> you're not going to well up? >> only way i'd cry is if i thought of you. >> he'd cry with happiness in your misery. so the sox haven't clinched at fenway since 1918. barn ck barnicle was in grade school. >> i got his autograph. >> he's the only pitcher to pitch higher than ninth in the world series -- hit higher than ninth. game played in front of 15,000 fans. an hour and 42 minutes. >> wouldn't that be great. >> we're expecting more than 38,000 tonight and by the way, in 2013, games have averaged three hours 22 minutes. a couple other good ones for
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you. 1918, u.s. population, 103 million. obviously about 314 million today. also, the first year of daylight savings time was in 1918. >> look at you. >> we had a crack research team on this. >> i had to set my pocket watch. >> right. all right. this game tonight turned into the priciest ticket in the city's history. espn reports the average list price for a ticket for tonight's game more than 18 -- this is interesting stuff. can someone cut his mike? the average list price, 1800 bucks. bleacher seat going for 300 a week ago, now $1100. how about the best seats in the house, a pair up front for 24 grand. >> i might change my mind. might want to hit up stub cup. >> it's a mid-sized sedan. so that is the twitter question
2:47 am
for today. what is the most you've paid to see an event? not just a sporting event. and was it worth it. we'll have the best ones a little later in the show. i'm going to the game. what is it, mike? >> what about i pay to come here to see this thing. >> no, we pay you. are you going to the game? >> yeah. >> joe is going, i'm going. bill is not going to the game about that so we'll -- >> has "morning joe" started yet? >> we're doing "morning joe" from fenway tomorrow live from fenway park. hopefully sorry senator mccaskill the red sox win. bill, do you want to do any weather? >> you have one viewer from new jersey still watching. >> senator mccaskill sends us mail about how red sox focused we are. >> she's on a plane. >> might as well give you the forecast for tonight since it's the only thing we care about around here. it looks pretty warm. actually a little breezy and slight chance of a shower. but no problem whatsoever. actually be very warm considering how cold it was last
2:48 am
two games. as far as the forecast goes, a lot of people are concerned about their halloween forecast. it is going to be to be wet. we already have rain through kentucky, west virginia, virginia. severe storms possible. a mini severe weather outbreak. we're looking at halloween, this storm will track eastward. we'll have many areas with downpours from indianapolis, louisville, bowling green. but it won't last all day. but it will be during the afternoon and evening hours. so be careful out there as we go throughout the next 48 hours. we're talking heavy rain, 2 to 3 inches is possible. up from areas of texas all the way into the ohio valley. as far as the east coast goes, take you're fine. and some of that wet weather keeps to the east on halloween. the big cities do look dry, boston southward, but from the great lakes to louisiana, not pretty tomorrow. coming up at the top of the hour, what to expect today as kathleen sebelius takes the
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let's go to the cooler. >> the nba season tipped off last night, big hopes for the knicks. jimmy kimmel is interested in the nba new marketing campaign. >> basketball is watched predominantly by men, so will season the nba is making a concerted effort to attract female viewers. they see it as a great way to grow their audience. but aim ni'm not sure they're g about it the right way. >> tonight it all begins. the nba is back. the heat, the bulls, the muscles, the legs. the round sexy buttocks. the smooth kissable lips. tonight, ten handsome hunks go head to head and cheek to cheek as they fight to impress the women they are nothing but faithful to. basketball husbands. bulls versus heat. let's get sweaty. >> that looks incredible. now, my heart complaint tell you no was first made famous by rod
2:53 am
stewart. a remake a couple years ago. but neither made an emotional impact like this canadian singer. ♪ no matter how i try to convince myself, this time i won't lose control ♪ ♪ so i let you in knowing tomorrow i'm going to wake up missing you ♪ ♪ wake up missing you >> that adorable video is a ten month old from canada. her parents say that is the only song that makes her cry like that. and that is so, so sweet. now come on down. everybody's favorite game show host is making a return. that's right, bob barker is coming back to the price is right to celebrate his 90th birthday. the show confirmed the news on
2:54 am
twitter yesterday. of course barker hosted the show for 35 years starting in 19722. that's a pretty good run. he stepped down in 2007.. that's a pretty good run. he stepped down in 2007. most well-known moment, you may remember this one. >> next contestant -- >> it's brian sacfin. come on down. you're the next contestant on the price is right. >> i guess all good things do come to an end. i thought there was a ban on that clip. >> between the red sox and tpir, i think we're hemorrhaging viewers as we speak. i really don't appreciate it. all good things -- >> it's all eric schultz. >> all good things come to an end and i'm not talking about your tv career on w"way too early". i'm talking about the joe that is blor joe that is blor nathat
2:55 am
brothers. they're breaking up. it's sad. sold 20 million albums. latest single shot the to number one in 14 countries. here to pay tribute to a band whose time came too soon, jon meacham with a reading of s.o.s.. >> s.o.s. told you i made continuer plans for you and me and no one else that don't -- actually doesn't -- that doesn't include your crazy friends. well, i'm done with awkward situations, empty conversations. this is an s.o.s.. don't wrchlt anna -- that would want to -- second guess. this is the bottom line. it's true. i gave my all for you, how my heart's in two. there's a rhyme there. and i can't find the other half.
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it's like it's as if i'm walking on broken glass, better believe i bled, it's a call i will never get. and that's s.o.s.. >> jefferson couldn't have done it better. we'll be right back. ♪
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somebody reportedly paid 24 grand for two tickets to the red sos tonight. we want to know what's the most you paid for an event of any kind and was it worth it. natalie sgro has some answers. >> i think this was the most we got. $650 each for the rolling stones at the newark show that went on pay per view. >> i would say that's worth it. >> and julie said she paid $500 for two tickets to elton john in vegas. and roy says $50 for a kesha and lmfao concert. >> that's $50 too much. have you got one for yourself?
3:00 am
>> i would have to say britney spears concert. i didn't pay for it, but i'm sure my mom spent a lot before. >> and i love this one, paid 250 bucks for sec championship >> we wanted a policy fight and what did we do? we went back to our districts and told the seniors although we voted no, we personally believe we will work with the busch administration to make it work. that's what we did. and how many of you stood up to do that? none, zero, zero. >> gentleman. >> yes, i will. >> i will just tell you that. >> where are you? >> right here. >> you asked a question,

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